PRISM For Strengths-Based Recruitment

PRISM Select Online – Is a revolutionary tool for all who are engaged in strengths-based recruitment and want to select the right people, first time every time.

PRISM Select Online – Recognises that employees have greatest potential for performance growth in their areas of natural strength.

PRISM Select Online – Strengths-based recruitment is productive and satisfying for an individual as they perform in a role that does matches their behaviour, work aptitude and the environment in which they work.

PRISM Select Online – Offers recruiters the ability to create a tailor-made, measurable job benchmark which identifies the strengths of your top performers, and then automatically pre-screens large numbers against that benchmark.

PRISM Select Online – Is simple to use, highly effective and can reduce recruitment costs significantly.

PRISM Select Online benefits:

  • Instantly produces strengths-based selections from a very large number of candidates – even on a global basis – a short list of those who are most suitable for a specific job vacancy.
  • Quick, accurate and easily identifies the most suitable applicants for interview.
  • Enables recruiters to focus their attention on the candidates’ strengths.
  • Provides recruiters with information so they can prepare the most effective questions for the interview process.
  • Narrows large numbers of applicants down to an easily manageable applicant pool reducing the cost burden of the recruitment process.
  • Enables recruiters to identify the characteristics of their ‘star’ performers and to benchmark what success really looks like.

PRISM Select Online can be integrated with the recruiter’s own website, enabling applicants to be
screened without any manual intervention. This can save up to 70% of administration time.

Why not put PRISM Select Online on the front-end of your hiring process in order to ensure consistency and accuracy, and greatly enhance credibility with your clients.

Try it today free of charge and without any obligation. Contact us for more information.