Welcome to PRISM and the amazing world of your brain!

PRISM ‘Foundation’ is part of the world’s most comprehensive brain mapping system based on the latest discoveries of neuroscience. The following pages will enable you to complete a copy of the ‘Foundation’ inventory and download a very comprehensive, personalised report which will provide you with a detailed analysis of your behavioural strengths and preferred ways of working.

You will also have the opportunity to match your profile against a wide selection of job profiles, or to create a profile of your current job against which you can match your natural behavioural strengths. Clearly, such information is invaluable to those thinking about their future career development, or to those considering a change of job.

The following pages will show you how you can purchase a copy of your own ‘Foundation’ report, but you will not be asked for any payment until after you have completed the Inventory. Therefore, if you do complete the inventory, but decide not to purchase the report, no charge will be made. Also, if you make an error when completing the Inventory, you can abort the process and start again.

If you would like to view a sample ‘Foundation’ Report, please click here