Your Amazing Brain

The brain is vital to our existence. Sophisticated brain-imaging techniques allow scientists to monitor brain function in living people and to see how various parts of the brain are used for different kinds of tasks. This is opening up worlds of knowledge about brain function and behaviour.

The neuroscientific language about the brain is extremely complex. PRISM attempts, therefore, to simplify that language so that is can be more easily understood. As a result, it contains many oversimplifications. No single part of the brain does solely one thing and no part of the brain acts alone. All our thoughts, emotions and actions are the results of many parts of the brain acting together.

PRISM is not a test. There are, therefore, no right or wrong answers. It measures a person’s preferred ways of behaving or working, and it enables the behavioural needs of specific jobs to be benchmarked and matched with each individual’s natural preferences. In other words, it measures a person’s suitability for a job – how comfortable he or she will be doing the job – not his or her ability or eligibility to do the job.